Raising Well-rounded Children

well rounded kids
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Raising well rounded children is probably the most difficult and stressful jobs out there. It’s a lot of pressure. I mean, the future of your children’s WHOLE LIVES is completely in your hands. It should not be taken lightly and if you’re reading this, it’s obvious that you really want to do the best you can for your kids.

So I wanted to share with you some tips that will help you to raise your kids in a way that will mold them into smart, successful, well rounded adults. After all, the whole point of you raising your kids is prepare them to move out of your house… prepare them for adulthood and help them to become the kind of person that will make the best possible decisions.

Support Your Child’s Dreams

This is a big one. It becomes obvious at a young age that your child is already dreaming. There are ambitions forming. Even though your child may still be a bit immature and their ambitions are unrealistic, you should be there for them. You don’t want them turning into the type of adult that doesn’t believe happiness and success is a possibility, right?

Encourage Special Skills

When you find out that your child is gifted in a particular area, you should nurture and encourage that gift! You have no idea where that gift might take them one day if properly cared for… so just assume it will bring them to greatness!

Praise Your Child’s Efforts

There will be plenty of time in adulthood where your child won’t get recognition for a solid effort. I’m sure you can attest to that, right? So be sure to recognize and praise your child’s efforts in order to build self esteem and confidence.

Respect and Understand Different Learning Styles

learning stylesEverybody learns in a different way. Some learn slow, and other pick things up very quickly. Some learn by doing things with their hands…. others learn very well by watching.

There is no right or wrong way to learn and your child needs to understand this. It will teach them to use their strengths to the fullest.

Read To Your Child

This is something that is often overlooked, but is crucial for your child’s brain development. There are many studies that prove reading to your child from the day they’re born will help to increase IQ. In fact, some studies even reveal that reading to your child in the womb may help this!

Eat Dinner Together

A lost tradition. Truly with our busy lives and being surrounded by technology, many families no longer eat dinner together. A child may not realize it, but it could lead to loneliness. They can start to become most comfortable being by themselves on their iPad… when they really should be interacting with other people.

Consistent Bedtimes

Especially when your child is young and in development, consistent bedtimes are crucial. This gets their little bodies into a sleep pattern and will help them to get the rest they need. Not to mention the fact that it will establish a very good habit for them to follow as they approach and enter adulthood.

Give Plenty Of Hugs

Physical interaction is important for all humans, especially a developing child. It shows them that they are loved and they have a support system available when they need it. You want to establish in your child’s mind from a young age that it’s good to interact with people and that MOST people are inherently good and loving.

Love Your Spouse

Whether you realize it or not, your children can FEEL when there is tension between you and your husband or wife. It makes them uncomfortable and uneasy. They don’t know what’s going on and they might start to distrust you.

Even though your child might say that it’s “icky” there are few things that can bring as much joy to a child as watching their mom and dad be hopelessly in love.

Lead By Example

Children will not do as you say… they will do as you do. If the only thing your child has ever known is anger, how will she develop into a happy person? It’s nearly impossible! It’s important for you as a parent to understand that YOU are the biggest influence in your child’s life and your behavior is going to affect who they become.

To Wrap Up…

Like I already mentioned, raising children comes with a lot of pressure. It’s up to you to raise them into a well rounded adult that will go on to make a difference in the world. It’s in YOUR power.

I want to stress one last time that one of the biggest things you can do for your child is to care of yourselves and your marriage. You and your spouse should set an example to your children how other people are to be treated.

I hope this article helped you! Questions? Leave them below in the comments.


  1. Richie Johnson

    Thanks for these tips! We’re expecting our first one soon and can use all the tips we can find!

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  2. Danica Roberts

    I love my kids so much but how can I keep from losing my patience with them? It seems to happen all the time 🙁

    1. Post
      Elwin Leos

      Unfortunately it will probably keep happening. Look, you’re human too, and you have your imperfections. Just keep loving them and do your best!! Find an older couple or 2 that have been through this and talk to them about it. I bet they’ll be more than willing to walk with you through this 🙂

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